Sunday, August 29, 2010

Birthday Bonanza

   Yesterday, we attended a birthday gathering for one of my good friends from school. My friend and I often get together to sew (and obsess about neat fabric), so it seemed fitting that I make her something related to the craft. She has a strong affinity for hedgehogs, and recently mentioned her displeasure with her sad little tomato pin cushion, so I thought: perfect, a hedgehog pin cushion!

   However, after doing a quick little bit of internet research, I stumbled upon this:

   Prickly Pear Pincushions from Etsy seller prettylilthings. As my friend and I have recently added plants to our list of mutual obsessions, a cactus pin cushion seemed much more fitting! So, I sat down at my machine and made her this (after a bit of trial and error)

  As a finishing touch, I used this tutorial to make the cute little flower on top. In place of ribbon, I sewed together two strips of different fabric to get a two-tone pattern. 


   On a foodie note, what is a birthday without a cake? Last year my sister requested that I bake some sort of peanut butter chocolate concoction for her boyfriend's birthday. The request resulted in the discovery of an epic peanut butter cake, here on the Sassy Radish blog. I found the "Radish Notes" at the bottom to be very helpful and true, except for the bit about not having enough frosting. All 3 times that I have made this cake, there is an excess of frosting. I usually have to bake an additional set of cupcakes to use it all. I do, however, usually use the full 5 cups of sugar.

   This cake is very rich and intense, but it is absolutely delicious and tastes amazing topped with vanilla ice cream and strawberries. It can definitely serve about 20 people or so, so if you make it, be sure you have plenty of people to eat it!

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